I took time off to refresh my creative reservoir. #FML2018


I’ve been feeling fatigued and burnt out for the past two months. My work routine has sped up, what with a lot more projects and assignments coming in. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing for a living. But I just haven’t lived through my writing in a while. This creative block has caused me to neglect my bullet journal too.

I thought of creativity like the structure of a dam or water supply. It holds my creative resources—energy, inspiration, a stock of ideas, time. Each time I create something, I’m depleting from my resources. When a creative reservoir is depleted, artists end up burnt out.

So what happens when we, creatives, get burnt out? We feel miserable, lost, uninspired, lazy. We procrastinate more because we think we’ve “run out of creativity.” That’s not true. Creativity is an inherent gift, not a resource. We’ve simply run out of juice and need to refill. Continue reading “I took time off to refresh my creative reservoir. #FML2018”

Plan With Me: November + October flipthrough

Hello world! I’m back with a plan with me for November plus some of my October spreads. Apologies for the radio—uh, blog?—silence. Everything’s gotten a bit hectic on my end. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the stress. Maybe the stars are out of alignment. Or maybe I just need to be accountable for my own mishaps.

To be honest, I’ve been losing motivation to journal. It’s just not giving me the same feeling of gratification as before. I think I’m burnt out. My layouts were really decorative in September, so I’m working on taking things slow and more chill. Maybe come up with a new system. Like I always say, I out-Virgo myself a lot and sometimes in detrimental ways.

Any thoughts on how to get back your motivation to be creative? Jusko po, it’s like my creative writing thesis all over again. Hit me up on Twitter, Instagram, or in the comment section below!

Here’s a quick flip through my bullet journal for October.

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#FML2018: I catalogued all my books in a spreadsheet, part 1

*ICYMI: I started a new series called #FML2018, in which I take concrete, non-BuJo related steps to beat the crap out of my mental illness. In a mid-2018 self-roasting post, I’ll decide whether I’ve F*cked My Life or Fixed My Life. 

This is the first of a two-part series on my chronic book-hoarding habit.

I know I said I went full Virgo when I counted every single pen in my room. I was wrong. This transcends everything I’ve ever done to stay organized. I have over 200 books and they’re all meticulously indexed in a spreadsheet. I literally learned Excel for this.

Last year, I decided it would be fun to list all my books. Except it wasn’t just the titles and authors. I noted the publication year, publisher, genre, subgenre, location on my shelf, and even its read status. Yeah, I know. I have no life. Continue reading “#FML2018: I catalogued all my books in a spreadsheet, part 1”

#FML2018: I counted every pen I own


Hey there, if you’re not doing anything this weekend, come join my Creative Journaling for Mental Health workshop! Learn how to turn a journal into a safe space for you to destress and declutter your life (and mind). There’ll be a pop-up feat. stickers, art, and other merchandise by the PH mental health community.

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*ICYMI: I’m starting a new series of posts called #FML2018, in which I take concrete, non-BuJo related steps to kick my depression in the butt. By mid-2018, I’ll evaluate whether I’ve F*cked My Life or Fixed My Life. 

I’ve been making excuses for months not to clean up my room—primarily: “I’m an earth sign with chronic depression.” Then one day someone commented on the number of markers in my pen case. So I questioned my pen collection. Then I finally budged. I cleaned my room. And my therapist shouted for joy.

I modified the KonMari method to evaluate which pens would stay.

  1. Does this spark joy?
  2. Does this even work?
  3. Does this even write good?

My trash bin overflowed. I felt guilty about the waste but, in retrospect, I’d already wasted the potential of these pens and markers. Some even came from my high school stash. That’s like, six years of being useless. #same

I took some steps to catalog everything I had left for optimal use: I swatched, stored, and saved reserves for later.

Yeah. I went full Virgo. Here goes. Continue reading “#FML2018: I counted every pen I own”

October events + a new blog series

So it’s been 1 year since I created this blog! What started as a passion project bloomed into a first workshop, an article on a popular magazine, and a whole lot of new friendships. I’d like to thank my followers, family, and friends for supporting me all this time. It’s been such a great journey with you all so far.

My blog was born in September though. #Virgo

I’m so excited for October. Partially because it’s when Christmas starts to feel real (here in the Philippines, we start celebrating in September). But mostly because I’ve got a bunch of events lined up for you guys! Continue reading “October events + a new blog series”

Plan With Me: September // Pretty in Pink

Hey everyone! Guess what?

It’s my birth month!


So I’m using my absolute fave color scheme thus far. I’ve been itching to plan out a month in this shade of pink. But I put it off for September to properly celebrate yet another year of my crazy life. So, shoutout to all my fellow Virgos out there! May we live a life that makes our star sign mother Beyoncé proud. Continue reading “Plan With Me: September // Pretty in Pink”

How the bullet journal helps me manage depression.

mental health art

When I first heard of the bullet journal, I was intimidated as hell. I wondered how a mere notebook could get my life together. My schedule was a mess. I had no sense of priority, zero motivation, and most of all, I was struggling to be productive. I couldn’t find anything to be passionate about.

I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder in late 2013. Sometimes I get anxiety. I don’t know what came first, my artist’s block or my depression. Are they one and the same? I don’t like to think of it that way, or even at all.

All I knew was I couldn’t write anything or make art that I was satisfied with. Nothing was good enough for me. Worse than being stuck in a rut, I had no sense of self worth. It was a never ending cycle of procrastinating, deadline anxiety, blaming my depression, feeling worthless, and back again.

So when I found out about Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal system, it was a struggle to get started. Believe me, back then I was terrified of the blank page.

“I could never commit to this,” I thought. “I’m too disorganized, too lazy. Where do I even begin?”

But I knew that was my disorder speaking. That wasn’t me. The real me wanted to get better. The real me was sick and tired of all this negative energy. I told myself I’d had enough of my self-loathing and self-sabotage. So I sat down for hours and set up my first bullet journal system in a daily planner.

And this is my story. This is how I grabbed my mental health disorders by the balls and said, “Not today, buddy.”

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